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Download free bosch nyon update. Nyon from model year If there is an active Wi-Fi connection, a check for a new software version is performed. If an update is available, you will receive a notification and can download the new software.

You are then guided through the update process. Nyon from model year onwards If there is an active WiFi connection, a check is made of whether a new software version is available. If this is the case, you will receive a notification and can download the new software. You will then be guided through the update process. Forthe Germans have reworked their outdated Nyon display and expanded the range of functions of the Kiox and Smartphone Hub with a software update.

The new Bosch Nyon can be operated with gloves and works even when the touchscreen is wet. As before, the thumb remote allows you to change the support modes while riding. The software for the Nyon is completely separate from the COBI software, same as it is currently. One of the big differences is that COBI is an open system allowing outside developers to make apps for it. The Nyon will be a closed system with all apps developed by Bosch.

That’s all I have for now, but I hope it’s helpful. Updates Bosch Nyon. With each model year, Bosch expands and optimizes the functions of the multi-talent Nyon. With free updates you can keep your e-bike multifunction display always up to date. This is the only way to take advantage of the continuously expanded intelligent functions, the latest map material and continuously improved features. Das aktuelle Update bietet vor allem eine erweiterte und komplett überarbeitete Neuausgabe der App.

Im Online-Portal können Sie ab sofort interessante Fahrrad-Routen von Outdooractive finden und auf Ihr Nyon übertragen. Für Nyon gibt es auch Neuigkeiten. Hier wurde das Kartenmaterial (mit Stand Juni ) aktualisiert. Nachrüsten und sein Pedelec und den Fahrradcomputer immer auf dem neuesten Stand halten: Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Software-Versionen und Updates der Bosch eBike-Systeme. Bosch has today unveiled its updated range for the model year. There aren’t any new motors – not a surprise given how many we saw last year – but there’s a new Nyon display, and lots of updates to talk about.

Let’s delve into the Nyon first. New touchscreen Bosch Nyon. Bosch Nyon Ebike Display Updates: " Touchscreen, Dynamic GPS, Coming to North America! The Bosch Nyon display is the second generation of Bosch's own navigation solution, which is integrated into the eMTBs onboard system. First introduced init's been completely overhauled for Will Bosch succeed with their second attempt in our navigation group test?

Bosch has announced its new model features forand the big update is increased functionality and connectivity for the Nyon and Kiox on-board computers as Author: Graham Cottingham. We can update the software in store as part of a service or you can use the ‘wifi’ connection at home to update software.

Make sure you have over 85% internal battery before updating the software on the Nyon and also it is very important you do not interrupt the software update! So only update if you have plenty of time to complete it.

Bosch will not release the motor paired to the Kiox unless you have proof of purchase. You pay for Bosch to link the serial numbers of the Kiox and motor linked.

When I took mine in for a service the dealer asked me to remove the lock feature before I left the bike. Bosch Nyon Display. This upgraded Bosch display brings many new features including satellite navigation, fitness tracking, custom ride modes & a full colour TFT LCD display.

£ (As an upgrade) Standard Bosch Display. The new Nyon on-board computer is available for retrofitting from specialist dealers from around September and is compatible with all Bosch systems from model year onwards. Updates to Kiox. ForBosch is adding navigation to the compact Kiox computer. You can also also customise the ride data display. Headlining the updates to the Nyon onboard computer are its advanced navigation functions.

Although the Nyon relies heavily on Bosch’s eBike Connect phone and. Nyon is eBike control, navigation, and fitness trainer in one. On Bosch eBike Connect, you plan your tours and see all the rides as an overview. So with the new Bosch Nyon system now on our shelves fora lot of customers are asking if the new Bosch Nyon system can be retro fitted to their existing electric bike?E-bikeshop explains. We have been testing the new Bosch Nyon satellite navigation advanced display for some time at   Nyon computer, and Bosch Performance Line Speed & Cargo updates.

Beyond the higher-end eMTB market, the Bosch urban and commuter powertrains also get updated. That same bump up to 85Nm of torque comes to Performance Line Speed and Performance Line Cargo systems as well, with dealer upgrades available for models too.

️Mehr Infos ⬅️Noch kein Mitglied hier auf Youtube? - Jetzt Mitglied werden Bosch E-Bike Nyon hatte sich aufgehängt und nur noch geblinkt!Nach einiger Zeit ging das Diplay aus und nach dem anschalten hat es auch immer wieder geblinkt.

Bosch Nyon Wi-fi. Having it’s own wifi connection make life so much easier and convenient. So for firmware updates once it is connected to your wifi it automatically does the updates. You don’t need a special cable for that. This is very convenient.

The new Bosch Nyon control for not only takes the Nyon to a new level but also hosts a whole new range of features in a smaller, neater but still very smart shell. A whole new screen The new Bosch Nyon eBike Controller paves the way for a new generation of eBiking.

I use the Bosch Intuvia system (the one before the Nyon) and that already is a bit too smart for my liking. Once I ran the battery down completely, and the system responded by locking me out until all major components (head unit, drive unit and battery) had received a software update.

Get the latest from Komoot You'll receive emails from the Komoot Newsroom and acknowledge that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy. Bosch have just introduced a new software update for their Performance Line CX drive and other motor models. It increases maximum torque output by 10 Nm and improves the overall riding performance.

We have already tested the new software update on the CX motor and compared it against the old software on two identical FOCUS JAM²s bikes. The premium 'Lock' function, in conjunction with the Kiox & Nyon displays, is compatible with the Bosch Active Line and Active Line Plus Drive Units from model year or the Performance Line, Cargo Line, Performance Line Speed and Performance Line CX from model year onwards.

Overall pretty good - some data issues Love the app as it syncs data from my NYON easily. However, there are some overall data issues. E.g. when exporting data to Strava, BOSCH eBike Connect will show me W average user power and after export, Strava will show 33W avg user power/5(24). The Nyon in its second generation has virtually all the features of the Bosch Kiox introduced last year, supplemented by an independent navigation function and a larger screen with a touch function.

In terms of design, it can already shine with an award that was given in the form of a Red Dot Design Award   - Custom Riding Modes for your Bosch eBike drive (Nyon, prior to model year ) - Calculation of the remaining range based on topography and the selected support level (Nyon, prior to model year ) - Lock: You can now purchase the new premium feature Lock in the eBike Connect app shop (Kiox & Nyon)5/5(5).

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This article helps with troubleshooting issues on the Bosch Nyon Headunit. It tells you what to do if the screen keeps switching off or flashing. How To Set Time On Bosch Intuvia, Update Time On Bosch Electric Bike Custom Power Modes on Bosch Nyon. - Individuelle Fahrmodi für Ihren Bosch eBike-Antrieb (Nyon, vor dem Modelljahr ) - Berechnung der Restreichweite auf Basis von topografischen Gegebenheiten und des gewählten Unterstützungslevels (Nyon, vor dem Modelljahr ) - Lock: Die neue Premiumfunktion Lock ist jetzt im eBike Connect App-Shop erhältlich (Kiox & Nyon).

Software updates. Always up-to-date: Software updates or new maps can be conveniently wirelessly downloaded and installed. Greater safety while on the move. In view at all times: The Bosch eBike ABS control light is integrated in the display.

By eliminating the separate control light, as a Nyon user, you will benefit from an uncluttered handlebar. New for Bosch offer a software update to fix all of this. Now with the improved use of the gradient sensor, the walk-assist can adapt to changes terrain in both steepness and obstacles. The walk assist, automatically adapts to the slope it’s on offering the rider full support where it’s needed most. Download Bosch eBike Connect apk for Android.

Only to be used for eBikes with Bosch motor and Nyon or Kiox eBike computerCategory: APP. With the Bosch eBike Connect app, you can edit the settings for the Bosch Nyon eBike on-board can connect Nyon to your smartphone and edit, store, and synchronize your eBike, ride, and user data.

The most important features are listed below. Bosch and Komoot have revealed a closer collaboration with further integration of the route planning software into Bosch’s latest hardware.

Previously, e-Bike riders could plan routes in the app and transfer and navigate them on Nyon and – thanks to the smartphone and app – on SmartphoneHub. - Bosch Nyon Update Free Download © 2012-2021